National Safe Boating Council

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National Safe Boating Council

Strategic Plan ~ 2010 – 2014

Vision Statement

Within the next 10 years grow the National Safe Boating Council (NSBC) into the premier coalition to increase boating safety on our nation’s waterways.

Mission Statement

The NSBC’s mission is to be the foremost coalition to advance and promote a safer recreational boating experience through education, outreach and training.

Role of the NSBC

The role of NSBC is to promote safe and enjoyable boating through education, training and shared resources.

NSBC Constituency

The NSBC constituency is the recreational boating community and general public.

NSBC Focus

The NSBC provides safe boating materials, resources, tools, creative messages, training of instructors, education, and leads the annual safe boating awareness campaign.


PROGRAM DEVELOPMENT GOAL: Improve boater behavior through education, awareness, and training to make recreational boating a safe and enjoyable experience by reducing boating accidents.

Objective #1: Expand and enhance effective safe boating outreach*

Objective #2: Expand and enhance boating safety education resources*

Objective #3: Expand and enhance training programs*

SUSTAINABILITY GOAL: Ensure the viability and sustainability of the NSBC.*

Objective #1: Expand membership*

Objective #2: Increase member participation*

Objective #3: Increase and diversify the funding base of the NSBC*

Objective #4: Ensure that the Strategic Plan meets the goals of the NSBC*

  • The strategies for each objective are available upon request from the NSBC office.