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K38 Water Safety teaches public and federal safety agencies such as lifeguards, military, fire rescue, and law enforcement how to operate personal water craft (PWC), Jet Skis, Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Waverunners, Aquatrax, PWC or RWC (Rescue Water Craft). K38 teaches personal water craft rescue training in swiftwater rescue, big wave surfing, tow-in surfers, law enforcement, lifesavers, and federal agencies such as United States Navy, United States Marines, United States Coast Guard, U.S. Border Patrol BORSTAR units and Pararescue.

K38 was founded by Shawn Alladio. She is a fourth generation Santa Ana High School Graduate S.A.H.S. Class of 1979. . Ms. Alladio began teaching in 1989 in Southern California. She purchased her first Kawasaki Jet Ski stand-up in 1979 and became and International Jet Sports Boating Association Professional Racer in 1989. The K38 Way of Training has revolutionized lifesaving around the world with the training standards and applications of personal watercraft, with or without the use of a rescue board that is attached to the stern section of the boat to extricate patients or victims in water incidents. K38 Rescue has trained thousands of agencies worldwide. Shawn Alladio has received numerous awards for her educational and lifesaving efforts.

K38 Water Safety's training programs are for lifesaving purposes using personal watercraft as the best method of insertion to help lifesavers save not only their life, but others in the aquatic environment. The K38 training program evolved over 20 years. There are officially 14 International K38 affiliates.

Along with a cadre of professional boating safety instructors, K38 Rescue teaches PWC and RWC courses in swiftwater rescue, flood, open water, surf, lake for recreational and occupational lifesavers. K38 Water Safety has been instrumental in setting the standards for these small boats for lifesaving and rescue use working closely with boating safety associations and government agencies.

Jon Lee Anderson, a writer for the New Yorker Magazine, rode along with Alladio on her Waverunner the week following the flooding in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. He wrote a story called 'Leaving Desire - The Ninth Ward after the Hurricane' in 2005. Shawn and K38 worked in the lower ninth ward.