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Kanalu - K38 Water Safety Goals

Kanalu - K38 Water Safety is a United States based training company and non-profit, lifeguard service with international K38 licensed affiliates.  Ongoing  educational efforts of Kanalu - K38 Water Safety and our instructor and affiliate base, leading PWC rescue boat instruction and providing on water safety management for special events worldwide, including motion picture industry and other media outlets, mentorship and motivational programs nationally and internationally.

To support partnership programs in association with our K38 International Affiliates.  Each K38 affiliate is independently owned and operated and is held responsible for their conduct, standards and operations. Each affiliate is assigned a ranking structure per their credential level as are our k38 Instructors.  This ranking structure identifies the course curriculums they are certified in producing for educational outreach.

K38 Maritime USA and K38 Portugal are the sole K38 licensees to work with defense or military applications, homeland security or advanced law enforcement needs.

To promote membership with our online website for newsgroup information and archives relative to PWC use for rescue and patrol, or safety related data

To promote internationally the National Safe Boating Council’s WEAR IT! Lifejacket campaign in regions that K38 has produced training programs on behalf of boater education.

To develop and establish State, National and Federal training workshops nationally and internationally for the advancement of boating safety using Personal Watercraft (PWC or Rescue Water Craft (RWC) with the advance of newer technology for boating education and field work.

To produce educational materials in cooperation with Boating Safety Organizations, Associations and Administrators, to facilitate and expand annually on personal watercraft boating education worldwide, including printed materials, training DVD’s and training manuals and workbooks.

Participate in educational forums, panels, conferences and exhibitions or other types of venues on-water, classroom, or editorial programs and or projects that will expose Personal Watercraft education to various user groups and forums.

Produce and maintain an on-line PWC Recognition award ‘Wake of Fame’. Annual record for notable persons involved in Personal Watercraft since its inception, from all aspects of use worldwide. The continuation of tracking the history of Rescue Water Craft and Personal Watercraft usage and continually updating content to the historical dialogue.

Create, develop and produce national and international PWC training programs for recreational and occupational use in various types of waterways worldwide.

Provide leadership on PWC-RWC education, use, staffing and water safety related issues

Produce an annual Awards program and to expand awareness of the program through the efforts of the PWIA (Personal Watercraft Industry Association) for their dedication to the Law Loan Program and our Associate Partners, and our partnership with the American Watercraft Association and charter clubs.


Thank you for your interest in K38!

We are a professional service provider

for Water Safety and Event Management

servicing public safety and federal agencies



7050 W. Palmetto Park Road

Suite 15-183

Boca Raton, Florida USA  33433


Contact:  Ms. Audrey Dalton

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Phone:  561-809-2957


EIN: 46-5581880

DUNS:  080623014