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Historical Dialogue Regarding Hurricane Irma

This morning Irma has lowered to a Category 3 hurricane, gaining pressure as we speak, all storms run low when they hit the island of Cuba’s land mass spin down to some degree. However there is 90 degree water waiting for her to regenerate when she moves upward. But let’s look at some of the perspectives and realities of the magnitude of this storm system.

The troubles at sea are plenty, Hurricane Jose remains steady at a category 4, this is not a light storm. Jose is creating havoc with commerce and those at sea. Jose is not turning, when you see the projections the hook just sits there.

This is a significant element of our business at K38, we work with weather as a guide to our safety and we have to pay attention but that does not make us right or scientific, it does allow us to trust nature and physics who rule the data. We try to look at the right items and with a spiritual element of trust. I don’t think that the forecasters employed the use of physics but traditional mapped out storm systems and forgot the magnitude multiplied by the sheer size and acreage this monster storm is generating.

This may be why they are missing the trackline draw to the Gulf from its inception and focusing on the H’s and L’s that would be affected by other surrounding conditions. Irma truly is the Perfect Storm. Irma’s total wind velocity formed as a hurricane chaster measured at peak 227 MPH in the leeward part of the system, almost going out of ‘category’. This is unprecedented

Irma is in the records books at the top of the Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Wind Scale, packing winds of up to 180 miles (290 km) per hour. The classical Cape Verde storm Irma has become a challenger of the greats creating this atmospheric phenomena. Typically a season of hurricanes will produce 12 named storms, Katia was our 11th, and they get named when their winds reach 39 miles per hour.

This season we have had six hurricanes, two of them are significant (Harvey & Irma), Katia and Jose and Franklin and Gert track behind. With the Solar Minimum coming due it was a year predicted to be lively and it has not disappointed. Back to back storms are not unusual but to have 2 high category storms is. With Harvey and Irma, yes, this would be considered a rare occurrence in modern known times.

Keep in mind we are a young nation and weather tracking has not been around for centuries in this area. If you look at the map and think about the water depth and Earth dimensions of elevation, creeks, rivers, swamps, outer barriers and shoreline, the closer we are to the equator and warmer waters on the rotation of Earth and storm systems with seasonal personas it kind of starts to line up with physics.

For two and a half days, Irma converted heat into kinetic energy so efficiently that this storm maintained an intensity at or even exceeding the theoretical limit. Perhaps we get too comfortable with past statistics and forget the horizon is wide open. The hot water temperature of the tropical ocean fuels these storm systems and generates kinetic energy with surface friction

When there is no intervention from external factors, a hurricane will intensify until kinetic energy production balances kinetic energy dissipation to create a steady state. Once that balance is reached, we can equate two mathematical expressions: the work produced by the hurricane and the dissipation of kinetic energy. Data for the physics involved is obtained from weather balloons, planes, buoys and satellites that track weather on Earth. Irma sustained intensity for over 60 hours breaking her to the record book.

There are several issues of public health and safety that are of concern, mainly the nuclear power plants. Remember Fukushima? Well it only matters when it’s near us, not ‘over there’. Trust me on that one. The frontline heroes of these kind of events are the linemen. We saw in Hurricane Harvey and Katrina the Troopers escorting miles long lines of electrical contractors with their rigs ready to storm the frontline to get the electrical grid safely back in place. Electricity means cooking, food, air conditioning and a host of conveniences in modern times we are not accustomed to living without.

If these powerhouses of electrical conduit to our homes and businesses are shut down, commerce, safety and industry are compromised, there goes the economy in the fountain effect. Worse yet, what if a nuclear disaster takes place from a weather event? Don’t think it isn’t possible and you can probably surmise that more than one could take place along the coastal communities impacted by such a significant storm. Our grids are not protected, they are serviced and Mother Nature is a force beyond our control.

Agricultural issues during flood events are a secondary concern from the contamination of flood waters. All those ingredients in your house, vehicle, garage, septic and sewage, holding tanks and so on and on and on will rise to the surface, then lay down with the recession of flood waters. Those contaminants can make feed for animals ruined, contaminated the soil for future crops, and contaminate water supplies and destroy public waste facilities and water treatment plants.

The economic impact is staggering, loss of businesses, industry, households, production, transportation, delivery, wildlife, pets, livestock impacted. This list of damages and loss goes on and on and on. Complete destruction on an economic scale never seen before by any storm system. I only hope that people do not have their hearts broken, but inspired to draw anew and forge ahead without the sucking depression that casts a pall on our spirits. Have Faith!

Hurricanes, typhoons and cyclones are the same thing just different names. Hurricane Harvey only made the record books related to rainfall that means the temperature of its Cloud Top must have been significant to generate that much rainfall.

When trying to forecast a hurricane many factors are put into motion, temperature, air pressure, wind, precipitation, humidity, land mass and water temperature may determine the path and strength of a storm a few days out. Cloud top temperatures 190 kelvin (minus 83.1 degrees Celsius/minus 117.7 degrees Fahrenheit) from Irma's northern quadrant, stretching through the eastern side to the south of the eye, these indicate the power storms within Irma that stretch high into the troposphere. This is how that cold element can generate very heavy rainfall. Ancillary effects underway are electrical, waterspouts and tornadoes, storm surge, flooding and the ensuing effects of contamination and debris, let alone the human impact and woes.

Satellite tracking is relatively new, only about 40 years of technology development has been utilized for modern forecasting methods. For this generation that means most are comfortable and used to having the applications, digital APPS and connectivity that creates a rush of gossip and information highways right to our smartphones.

Hurricane Irma maintained 185 mph winds for over 24 hours and is running up behind super storm Haiyan in 2013 are two of the modern monsters recorded. Until Irma we have had a 12 year hurricane damage drought for the state of Florida. Sandy however was a minor hurricane in terms of the wind speed however subsequent damage was heavy.

These kind of storms have a fuel supply, and it’s called warm water. Irma is feeding off of warmer waters from 1-1.8 degrees over normal temps. There have not been a lot of high altitude winds which has helped Irma slink along. We stack and compare hurricanes by the speed of winds and how much damage or lives lost are tallied.

Hurricane Irma circumference is set about 420-450 miles, her peak winds were at 185 mph. right now that is her biggest record. Her outward rotational gravity wave pattern is swift and destructive. When she migrates into the Gulf we will see her truest colors and all the statistics of the past will be rewritten.

Travel, all transportation is altered across the nation, airports, highways, medical, bus routes, railroads, everything is affected, whether we feel it now or later it’s coming. We are part of the effects of these storm systems. While many are distracted with ridiculous political stages, the reality of life is here and we must get out hands back into reality and pull that line, coming together as a people, undivided. All that energy being wasted on the wrong thing when we can contribute to our greater good and to one another. I don't give any credit to the distractors, they waste my time and yours, stay on track to the things that matter in life and don't be hijacked by emotional vapors.

Supply, economic impacts and personal tragedy are at devastation levels.  It is imperative to have social order in place immediately, hence the National Guard needs to set up roadblocks and early curfews. We need our law enforcement officers and EMS personnel at the ready and many will have been suffered private devastation while serving the public good. Alerts for safety and shelters that are overflowing are a public safety issue, connectivity to modern means of communication and not overloading those systems or creating harm by rumors and gossip are imperative, no fake safety news please! Facts only! We don’t want to chase the White Rabbit.

Our volunteers need to be trained and or aware on higher levels than common application of use at the expense of having a good heart if wanting to support evacuations via boats. There were far too many fatalities of volunteer boaters who lost their lives and seriously harmed others while serving during the aftermath of floods in Hurricane Harvey in Texas. These case studies will teach future volunteers what not to do and they are going to be written from lives lost. These tragic experiences are preventable with proper training and preparation.  Volunteers are a wellspring of support, but please take time to prepare and not become a statistic.

This is why we who are not affected must help our neighbors, we must forge together and support one another, we are in this together as a nation, as humanity. That's who we are.

Semper Spero,

Shawn Alladio



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