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K38 Jet Ski Rescue during Hurricane Harvey Flooding

Assisting the Frisco and Plano Fire Departments and Fairview Firefighters from Strike team 122 with an in progress rescue of their swifwater incident.

K38 Team Leader Shawn Alladio performing a swift water rescue 9/1/2017 in the Vidor area of Orange County Texas, Thank you for the Facebook LIVE capture of this event Patrick Ingram who was a vital team member, thank you for all your support Patrick. Kawasaki USA 

Our team had just arrived on the Interstate 10 overpass direct from California when one of the firemen responsible for working the swiftwater rescue ran over to our vehicle and said he needed a Jet Ski to get this man out of the strainer. Michael Spencer immediately drove the Jet Ski trailer to the submerged section of the Interstate near the onramp and the team quickly removed the Jetski with the help of Justin Wilson from Texas.

Shawn while still in her clothes, grabbed a helmet, lifejacket and a pair of work gloves and drove to the scene and brought the man out. Incidentally over a dozen vessels ended up in the treeline of which each subsequent day the water flow increased and the strainers became more deadly. There were multiple fire departments assisting this incident, we thank them for all the work they did during this flood event. The fireman gave excellent commands and were methodical in thier approach to working with us without introduction or knowledge of our team capability. They gave us a lot of trust as an unproven asset and we thank them.

Our team was very smooth in all their actions during our work in this area while we were deployed and we would like to take a moment to recognize each of them. 

K38 Team:  David Pu'u, Tera Laho, Patrick Ingram, Dana Stein, Victor Dred, Eric Kimball, Kirstie Ennis, Brian Tew, Brian Largarticha, Lisa Price, Cody Glenn, Darla & Family, Audrey Dalton, Erin Mulholland, Lee Selman, Donna Pu'u, Liquid Militia, Kawasaki, Hydro Turf, Betty Belts, Michael Spencer.


We thank you to all our supporters and contributors. Jet Ski Rescue Hurricane Harvey



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